Why Choose Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC?

Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC has the experience and expertise to effectively market your real estate and offer it at auction so that you can get your real estate sold quickly.

Honesty, Integrity, Experience, and Customer Service is what Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC is all about. Nobody will work harder to earn your trust. We love what we do and we always strive to achieve the highest return possible for our clients. We have a long list of past successful real estate auctions and client testimonials that we can share with you. Give us a call to discuss whether your real estate would be a good candidate for sale at auction. 

What Our Clients Say

"Partnering with Matt was by far one of the most positive experiences for me because of his sense of authenticity, partnership and honesty.  He provided that sense of dedication on every single encounter.  Matt is a very hardworking and dedicated man who is committed to his clients and their happiness.  He was very responsive and provided good insight on expectations for the process of our partnership.  At the end of the transaction process for the auction, exceeding expectations is the best  adjective I can provide.  I would recommend him highly for any need you have within the realm of real estate needs."