Serving Individuals, Businesses, Probate Estates, Financial Institutions, Non-profits

Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC specializes in the sale of land, commercial real estate, and residential homes using accelerated marketing and the latest online marketing tools.  Our clients include: 

  • Homeowners
  • Trustees
  • Financial institutions
  • Receivers
  • Personal Represenatives for probate estates
  • Businesses, and
  • Nonprofits and schools with donated properties to sell.

Traditional Real Estate Listing:  We are a member of the MLS and can list your home or property for sale and market it to all the other real estate agents in the area.  In addition, we use the latest technology and accelerating marketing techniques to show your property to potential buyers, using tools such as Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, and 3D techology virtual tours.  Our goal is to move your property fast by bringing attention to your property and making it stand out from the rest in the market. 

Real Estate Auctions:  Selling at Auction is an excellent way to determine the true value of your real estate and gives all interested parties the opportunity to competitively bid to buy it. Auctions create an immediate urgency to buy.  When time is money, the number one advantage to auctions is the turnaround time.  Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC has the experience and expertise to effectively market your real estate and offer it at auction so that you can get your real estate sold quickly.  We have an excellent history of selling real estate at auction in our community with the testimonials to back up our claims.   

Helping Personal Representatives:  We have built a team that can assist you and your loved ones through many aspects of the probate process and take that stress and worry off of you.  We can help with the sale of real estate, careful handling and sale of personal and business assets, and a suite of other services to assist you:

  • Guidance, Professionalism and Advice as to the Sale of Real Estate:  Using our 15+ years of experience and knowledge as Realtors, and our traditional, online and social media marketing expertise, we can help you sell the real estate quickly and for the most possible throught a traditional listing or auction.
  • Personal Belongings - Getting Properties Empty & Clean:  We know that dealing with all the personal or business belongings can be overwhelming. We can help you determine the best way to handle it.  Once the family takes what they would like to keep, we can help arrange: 
    • Estate Tag Sale or Auction
    • Cash Buyout
    • Donation and/or Removal of Items
    • We also work with professionals that can help clean, maintain, or stage the property for sale.  

We conduct onsite auctions, online auctions, and fundraising auctions.  We have our own mobile bidding app to allow bidders to bid from anywhere on your real estate.  This means more qualified bidders, better prices due to increased bidding activity, and more money for the seller.

What Our Clients Say

"We received nothing but glowing feedback from all attendees.  I really appreciate the time that Matthew Holiday took to attend one of our planning meetings and help us change up the tired old format we'd been using.  Matthew Holiday worked hard to get items' prices up and create a spirited environment.  Even for small niche items, he drove up the bids!  We have now seen his quality work and he was very pleasant to work exceptional value."