Why Choose Auction To Sell Your Property?

  1. What Property is Worth. An auction eliminates pricing problems by establishing the real market value. No more guesswork on the true value of your property.
  2. Sell Fast. We can usually schedule the auction within 60 days or less. Eliminate the cost of carrying the property (taxes, insurance and maintenance).
  3. Get Maximum Exposure with Aggressive Marketing. An auction brings enormous exposure to your property. It creates immediate urgency to buy.
  4. Control the Sale. You decide the date, time and terms of the sale. Buyer Pays Commission. In most cases, a Buyer’s Premium is added to the winning bid to cover our commission. Seller usually only pays a small marketing fee.
  5. Close in 30 days after the Auction with No Contingencies. Buyer pays closing costs.

What Our Clients Say

"We had discontinued live auctions years ago based on our experiences with the previous auctioneer used. This was one of the best auctions ever--the crowd was both entertained and energized and bidding was very lively. The auctioneer was excellent. Many guests, both first time attendees and longtime supporters, commented on how much fun the live auction was and that Matt Holiday was the glue for the entire event.

From the creative games and crowd engaging activities to the professional support staff, Holiday Auctions helped generate more dollars than we could have anticipated. Without a doubt, it was obvious that Matthew Holiday had our cause at heart and that he genuinely cared about the success of the event and the impact it has on our services. Thanks to Holiday Auctions for making this one of our most successful events."