“An auction seller is one who values the auction benefits -- certainty of sale, time value of money, and no contingencies -- over the option of waiting months or even years for a higher offer. “  - Matt Holiday, Auctioneer  

Sellers choose to sell real estate at auction with Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC because we can help Sellers:

  • Sell Fast. We can usually schedule the auction within 45 days or less, and then the real estate closing is typically about 30 days thereafter. This time schedule helps to eliminate the Seller’s ongoing cost of carrying the property (taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance).
  • Get Maximum Exposure for your Real Estate with Aggressive Marketing. An auction can bring enormous exposure to a property.  It creates immediate urgency to buy the real estate.
  • Control the Sale. The Seller works with the Auctioneer to determine the date, time and terms of the sale.  Sellers may choose a reserve auction, an absolute auction, or a sale subject to seller confirmation. 
  • Buyer Pays Commission. In most cases, a Buyer’s Premium is added to the winning bid to cover our commission. Seller usually pays a small auction and marketing fee for the real estate auction.
  • Sell “As Is” with No Contingencies and Close Fast. Generally, the Buyer is required to close within 30 days and to pay all closing costs.  The Seller doesn’t have to worry about making repairs before closing. 
  • Determine Value. An auction eliminates pricing problems by establishing the real market value. No more guesswork on the true value of your property.  The market is competitively bidding for your real estate and setting its value.
  • Honest Auction Company:  Serious sellers do their research in advance and know Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC’s reputation of honesty and fair dealing in past auction sales. No funny business here. We have real sellers and real bidders.  

What Our Clients Say

"Please allow us to express our gratitude for your expertise and enthusiasm as our auctioneer for our Winterfest event... With your help we raised a record in our live auction and our Hearts of Hope fund a need program. It is generosity from people like you that make it possible for the Ronald McDonald House of Durham to be a real home-away-from home for our families while their children receive medical treatment at Duke's Children Hospital....On behalf of all of us here, we thank you for helping make miracles happen at the "House That Love Built."