Working with nonprofits

We consider our work with nonprofit organizations to be an integral part of Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC’s business, and often the most rewarding.  

We have conducted land auctions, real estate auctions, personal property auctions, and fundraising auctions for hundreds of nonprofits throughout the Southeast.  We also offer pre-auction consulting and host workshops for clients planning a fundraising gala or event.  

Our clients include large universities, large national nonprofits, local organizations, schools, churches, and hospitals, all making a difference in their communities. 

What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for your outstanding support and all the care you care you shared in making our 2008 March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction On Sunday, October 12th at the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club in Virginia Beach a great success. You are the most caring talented and passionate auctioneer I have worked with in the past 11 years! Your advice and mentorship made all the difference. The agenda and the timeline we planned for the evening worked! People stayed in the room, had a great time, placed bids and it ended at exactly 8:30 PM on time! People left happy."