Donated real estate

Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC helps nonprofit organizations and schools to sell land and other real estate that has been donated to them through their donors’ estate planning.   

Often, individuals include nonprofit organizations and schools in their wills, instructing that their real estate and land be donated to the nonprofit upon their death. Once the nonprofit has received the property, Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC assists with marketing and selling the property at auction so that the donor’s desire to support the organization can be immediately realized. Matt Holiday Realty Group LLC has had great success in this area in the past and can provide references. 

What Our Clients Say

"I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your staff at Holiday Auctions. Our Girls Night Out event, which included a live and silent auction, was a complete success. You are a consummate professional; full of energy and passion that was necessary to connect people not only to the auction items, but that the proceeds bidding on those items would greatly benefit the Greenville Rape Crisis and Child Center (GRCCAC). I was so amazed at your connection to the entire audience; you commanded their attention and made the entire process memorable and fun. Lastly, the sincerity expressed during the bidding on the art piece by Jared Emerson as well as during the "Fund a need,”was touching. You spoke from a place of healing, which is the message that we try to convey to all that come in contact with GRCCAC.

I know that a huge part of the eveningʼs success is because of you. I speak for the staff, volenteers and Board of Directors when I say, without hesitation, we will invite you back next year. Again, thank you for doing a fabulous job."